Indispensable Ms. Jones, for ensemble & tape (2015)

(2016) Recorded live on Showroom of Contemporary Sound Zagreb, by The Black Page Orchestra


Indispensable Ms. Jones, for ensemble and tape (2016) – the whole piece was constructed out of a late 50’s sexist ad for Xerox copying machines. I took over the “dramaturgy” of the commercial, it’s music-to-voice ratio and I magnified it and transferred it to the ensemble and electronics. The tape part is made entirely from this commercial, and the ensemble in a way reconstruct the musical interventions in the commercial itself.


Here is the link for the commerical:

Alessandro Baticci, flute
Peter Mayer, e-guit
Alfredo Ovalles, keyboard
Maiken Beer, cello
Kaja Farszky, percussion
Matthias Kranebitter, klangregie