Latitudes #2, for drums and tape (2022)

Latitudes #2 is a drum solo piece reflecting on the intensity of long-distance endurance training. The rigorous nature of the piece sets the player up against an almost-grotesque level of virtuosity in which they are bench-marking their technical excellence in a controlled environment. Slight errors kick the player out of the in-ear metric raster, and there are only a few places to breathe. As with any endurance training, the results are most successful when executed consistently and effectively with the least effort. The conceptual framework for this series was made during lockdown in 2020, while I was preparing for a triathlon.

Latitudes #2 was commissioned by Leonie Klein and ZeitGenuss Festival Karlsruhe under financial support of Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung. Performed and recorded by Leonie Klein and Manimedia in Karlsruhe, 2022.