sugarcoating, for ensemble (2016-2020)

Recorded and performed live at HMDK Stuttgart, June 2017.


»sugarocating« is the first piece in the sugarcoating series, which is based on re-adapting major sound fetishes in pop-music, based on data provided by Million Songs Dataset, a freely-available collection of audio features and metadata for a million contemporary popular music tracks. If observed from a purely parametrical perspective, those are: reduction and homogenization of pitch and texture, increase in loudness, repetition (loop) and an additional one, which happens to be a by-product of the other parameters, and that is – density. Density is, in this case, transferred back to the musician(s) by pushing their concentration to the limit by “overwhelming” them with information and micromechanics of perfection.

Ensemble Musikfabrik
Christof M. Löser